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Carpet Lining

Why do we carpet line the interior of our vans?  Well, for many converters once you’ve finished insulating the vehicle, carpeting is the obvious next step for a van conversion and it's one of the main things that will help create a nice professional finish. At St Leger Conversions we can both supply and fit your desired carpet line. If you would like to do it yourself we also supply the carpet line per metre. 

All aspects of carpet lining carried out to a high standard with high grade lining at St Leger we insulate with a moisture barrier plastic bottle media and a second moisture barrier and the silver thermal tape sealed to all areas possible before lining. This is an important process as sleeping in a van produces a lot of moisture and down the line your lining with start to smell resulting in removal and redoing unfortunately, we see this all too often done incorrectly we also use a high temp glue which doesn't break down in hot weather conditions causing sagging to your interior trim. we can also offer a sound deadening package that can help reduce sound noise to your camper.

(Please see below for pricing per metre)

If you're interested please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01242 300279. 

Colour Length Price £
Anthracite 1 Metre £12
Grey 1 Metre £12
Mid Grey 1 Metre £12
Silver 1 Metre £12
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