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Isabella Villa Complete

  • Isabella Villa Complete
  • Isabella Villa Complete
  • Isabella Villa Complete
  • Isabella Villa Complete
  • Isabella Villa Complete

Isabella Villa Complete

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For year-round campers/permanent pitchers

Villa a unique year-round/permanent pitching awning, available in 5 widths. Its construction has been designed with maximum stability and durability in mind. Isabella Villa is modular, and the choice of front panels means that you can construct your Villa just as you want it. The awning should not only be suitable for use on hot summer days, but also a good alternative when the snow is lying on the ground. Year-round use places high demands on the equipment, and Isabella Villa is composed of the best materials. The optimal sloping of the roof prevents the build-up of snow. Light is life, and the large windows and white curtains contribute to a bright, comfortable living space.

The window material can withstand extreme cold, and Villa is also equipped with flaps in the fabric to make it easy to close and cover the windows as required. The deep overhang all the way around prevents dirt and pollution, so you can spend your days relaxing, instead of on maintenance. Isabella Villa has been designed to make it easy for you to put up yourself. Your local dealer can also advise you if you wish to have it ready-assembled. The modules are zipped together, simplifying the construction and making it easy to change the front modules without having to dismantle the entire awning.

Isabella Villa is equipped with a padded sluice and connecting piece in the roof, so it can be used on all sizes of caravan (special adjustment may be necessary, especially on small caravans). The caravan can be attached or removed in a few easy steps, though full backing is required (extra) if Isabella Villa is to stand without the caravan. Isabella Villa can also be adapted as standard to mobile homes with a max. height of 265 cm.

WE RECOMMEND placing the awning on a fixed floor measuring 300 x 550 cm, 300 x 650 cm, 300x750 cm, 300x 850 cm, 300 x 950 cm. Talk to your dealer or a local carpenter about this.  NB! Villa must be mounted on a 10 cm-high floor.

Cube Creme

Cube Creme curtains


Villa comes complete with 40 x 40 mm. aluminium profile frame, roof, fronts and sides with window flaps, connection set with roof sluice, 2 cushions, draught skirt and standard wheel arch cover.

The awning comes with two 70 cm, back wall section, so that the opening at the back will be: 550 = 410 cm, 650 = 510 cm, 750 = 610 cm, 850 = 710 cm, 950 = 810 cm.

All parts can be replaced in the event of damage.

Height at the back approx. 240 cm


  • Construct your own personal villa with different modules
  • Perfect for summer and winter
  • Special inclined roof
  • Fits all caravan sizes
  • Can be used as freestander 

Technical Information

Ground: Depth 300 cm.
Length: 550 cm, 650 cm, 750 cm, 850 cm, 950 cm
Colour combination: Tweed/Flax.
Awning canvas: Solid-dyed Isacryl.
Roof fabric: 520 g/m2 PVC/Polyester welded joints.
Curtains: Cube Creme.
Frame/Construction: 40 x 40 mm aluminium profiles with angle brackets.
No. of doors: At least two.
Ventilation in both sides. Overhang all the way around

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