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Pop Top Roof

Here at St Leger we cater for all of aspects of pop top roof fitting to a wide range VW vans such as the T4/T5/T6 but not limited to VW Vans. All pop top roofs are vacuum molded with a honeycomb structure for added strength.

The roofs are fitted with extra long stainless steel hinges with a easy fit roof canvas (If ever you need to replace in the future).

They have pulling straps to avoid the hinges scissoring the canvas which we see in so many roofs that have been designed poorly.

We do a varied range of colour choices for the canvas. We do two different designed canvases. A standard canvas which has two side opening fly mesh zip able windows and a front clear window. The other canvas design is the panoramic roof canvas which is unzip able at the front for a total open space when led in bed. It is ideal for a vantage point at concerts/festivals. We offer these in SWB and LWB that fit a range of different vehicles.

All T5/T6 vans roofs are pull test certified for safety.

Pop Top Roof Prices (Supplied And Fitted)
Volkswagen T4 From £2,650 From £2,650
Volkswagen T5 From £2,700 From £2,900
Volkswagen T6 From £2,700 From £2,900
Volkswagen Caddy Max From £2,450 N/A
Pop Top Roof Prices (Supply Only)
Volkswagen T4 N/A N/A
Volkswagen T5 N/A N/A
Volkswagen T6 N/A N/A
Volkswagen Caddy Max N/A N/A
Please contact us on 01242 300279 if you would like us to supply and fit a pop top roof for you. Prices may vary and we are not limited to only fitting the vehicles listed above.
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