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RIB Beds

Here at St Leger Conversions we choose RIB Beds. We feel the RIB Beds are the Rolls Royce of camper van beds. Over time we have tried many different bed systems, some being good some being not so good. RIB are a French company that were making motor home beds for many different conversion company's for a long period of time meaning they haven't just jumped on the T5/T6 bandwagon of turning out bed systems. We feel the RIB lends itself to many different needs. Firstly a RIB Bed individually each cushion flips on its back for ease of dropping into a bed or putting back into a seat. Where as rock n roll beds can be quite heavy and problematic for some people. Also a RIB bed is detailed for comfort when seated travelling. You cannot do this on a ordinary rock and roll bed as you need to sleep on the same side. The RIB Also has a built in ratchet mechanism to uplift the rear cushion to your required setting whilst sleeping or watching your favourite TV programme. You can also adjust the bed for leg support if you require elevation. All RIB beds are safety approved and pull tested making them one of the safest beds around. 

Also the RIB bed we use has a 200ml slide system which enables easier access to tambour door setups. We also fit under the van a 4ml thick approved steel bar that bolts to the chassis and though the bed. This will also get a certification sign off for peace of mind where safety is paramount (This is available with all 2 seater belted bed fits).

When ordering a RIB bed through us you get to choose the model, stitching and fabric to make it as personal to you as possible. 

We also offer a service where you can get the front seats of your van reupholstered to match your chosen RIB bed. 

The RIB beds price is included in the following complete conversions
(Price may vary depending on RIB model):

RIB Bed Model Price (Supplied And Fitted)
RIB Bed 112 cm system in VW trim From £3,300
RIB Bed 129 cm system in VW trim From £3,400
RIB Bed 150 cm system in VW trim From £3,600

Please contact us on  01242 300279  if you would like us to supply and fit a RIB Bed for you.
Prices may vary.
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