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Window Fits

St Leger Conversions fit many different windows to a wide variety of vans in the camper conversion industry. We use privacy impregnated glass so you have no worries of scratching and crazing like film tint can cause. The glass we supply and fit is tried and tested in all of our camper conversions.

Fitting windows to your van really gives it an appealing look. We can offer this service of fitting for all vans and van conversions. All window cuts are carefully done with an air swore to avoided sparks to reduce the risk of damaging your interior if it is already fitted. We also rust protected all bear metal surfaces. We also find it important to scotch bright the area and prime for a proper bonding process of the windows using high grade bonding agents for a long-term seal.

The sliding opener glass we use will not suffer from leaking like all too many factory sliding windows unfortunately do. Fitting privacy tint windows to your camper van will give it a stylish, fresh new look. Also non factory window vans have a slightly different opening compared too a factory one. Fitting the correct non factory glass is a better option due to it having a slightly wider black band internally around the outer of the glass which helps with the look when they're fitted to non factory vans.

We can also now offer fully blacked out glass for areas of a conversion where you may want a dummy window for wardrobes or toilet cubicles. This maintains the stylish sleek look from outside the van but doesn't compromise these areas.

 If you would like us to supply and fit a window, please contact us on 01242 300279.
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